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Understand your COA

Make informed decisions quickly with clearly defined test results. Our easy-to-read Certificate of Analysis (COA) provides clear, detailed information—allowing you to make better, faster decisions about product quality and consistency.

What tests will you find on the COA? That depends upon whether the product is intended for sale and tested for compliance or if it’s being tested for research and development (R&D) or quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) purposes. Our COAs are dynamically built to support either scenario.

Laptop with SC Labs Client Service Portal and a sample COA

Have a look for yourself

Take a minute to explore the interactive graphic pictured here. Hover over the markers to learn what each section means and how it applies to the products we test. While the following images show a compliance COA, our QA/QC version will incorporate similar features.

SC Labs Sample COAs
The first page of the COA summarizes the results of each analysis run on the product sample.
This is the date the COA was issued, after all tests have been completed.
This indicates the collective or overall test result of the batch.
Sample/product name is listed here, along with a description of the sample type.
This section displays contact information and license numbers for cultivators, manufacturers and distributors.
Sample details include unique identifiers (UIDs) used in track-and-trace systems. You can also see details regarding collection and receipt dates, and sample size/unit attributes.
Compare product photos with the end product to verify authenticity.
This QR code takes you to the product details page on our website, so clients and consumers can confirm the COA data is authentic.
The cannabinoid summary provides a quick view at the total cannabinoids, Total THC, and Total CBD. You can also see a summary of moisture and density analysis. The subsequent page will feature a more complete profile.
For infused products, results will be displayed in mg/g or mg/mL per unit.
This section summarizes the results of each safety test that we offer.
This is a partial terpene profile that lists the three most prominent terpenes. A more in-depth list can be found in subsequent pages.
In the footer, you’ll find our license and accreditation numbers.
The name of the laboratory scientist(s) that prepare or authorize the result, and the date it was completed.
Test detail pages offer compact, comprehensive review for multiple tests, methods used, associated LODs/LOQs, and action limit or measurement of uncertainty (if any).
For hemp COAs, insightful information listed in the left column for each test detail, in this case the top 3 terpenes.
Also on hemp COAs, any the pesticide test detail will show valuable information about any failed pesticides.