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What is

Trust in Testing?

SC Labs and ACT Laboratories are jointly taking a stand for consumer safety by outlining the most stringent lab quality requirements to ensure brands and consumers can trust their lab testing data.

The initiative will help cannabis brands build customer loyalty, maintain investor confidence, and ultimately grow revenue by providing safer products to a growing cannabis market.

How does it work?

Holding Labs to a higher standard:

Affiliated lab partners will be required to meet stringent and independently verified standards to ensure their testing methods are accurate, their integrity to the data is above board, and their transparency with the brands they serve is unquestionable.

Trust in Testing for brands:

Brands that test with a Trust in Testing certified lab will have access to the Trust logo to affix to their products to show their commitment to quality, along with a variety of other perks to help mitigate business risk.

Increasing consumer confidence:

Consumers will be able to access a full list of brands that test with member labs, and will be able to see the logo on packages in their local dispensaries, facilitating their choice of brands that align with their values and commit to their safety.

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We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Read our Quality Credo.

Join Our Cause

If your company would like to show your support, provide your logo, a message, and website URL in the form here.

Cannabis consumers: Want to show your support? Sign the petition.

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